2011 Liquid Force Supra 22V

Standard Features

Base Interior – White or Platinum

Welt Color – Black

Liquid force decal set (Large Liquid Crystal Cap logo, Rear liquid badge, 3 supra decals)

White SS rubrail

Custom Black 4 speaker light bar with led lights

Z-5 Cargo Rack

Tower Mirror Bracket

5 channel amp (700.5)

2 channel amp (250.2)

Subwoofer (standard)

Dual Battery

340 Engine

Tandem trailer – Black

18” custom wheels and wider stainless fenders

18” spare tire

Boat Buddy

Aluminum Step plates (new part)

Illuminated laser cut steps

Also available – Liquid Force BROstock 242

Supra’s unrivaled wakeboard boat. All the agility of a smaller boat with all the weight and solidness of our 242. The maneuverability of the 22V at both high and low speeds is the perfect compliment to the clean, full-bodied, tournament quality wakes it kicks out – making the 22V the boat of choice for professional wakeboarders and wake surfers, as well as pro division WWA World Championship Wake Skaters.

A true rider’s boat, the playpen design and Supra Sports Seating provides everyone on board a great view of the aerial show in great comfort from multiple locations. Versatile double-up and triple-up seating gives up to six spectators a perfect view of all the rider’s high-flying action. The Launch 22V can also be ordered in an all new wrap around seating arrangement that maximizes foot room in the boat.

We’ve also redesigned the helm station with the new Supra VISION system. In addition to having GPS chartplotting, standard Zero Off GPS cruise, and rider presets that automatically adjust ballast levels and Smartplate controls, the system also includes a dedicated multimedia page to entertain while driving. Add a tower mount camera and watch the rider on the screen while they perform tricks behind the boat. Plug in your iPod and control the playlists or songs directly from the VISION system. Plug in a USB memory stick and enjoy the song titles as you scroll through directly from the VISION system. And have you ever been cranking the tunes and then forget to turn the stereo down when the rider falls? With the Supra VISION system, that is no longer a problem. When the system recognizes that you are slowing down below planning speeds, the stereo volume automatically turns down to ensure the future of every ones ear drums in the boat. Just another little touch of what we call rider friendly.

If your idea of a perfect day is spending it on – and 17, 18 or 19 feet above – the water, you’ve just met the perfect boat to help you get off to a flying star