THE WAIT IS OVER!! The new Gatorboards site is up and kickin’ It’s been a long wait, but the new website is fresher then ever. Packed with all our gear, and we have plenty of it. Check out the new innovative GATOR shape with ATCS, RICKY GONZALEZ” brand new shape, and our newest board the PROSPECT.  The Legend series continues strong this year with an addition of a 3rd size. This new Randall Harris board comes in both men’s and women’s versions. Oh yea, and you gotta have the latest Gator swag. We have new hats, t-shirts, hoodys and girls apparel. If you need accessories, we got accessories. I know you want that new TRANSGRESSION MOVIE and while you’re at it, get the TRANSGRESSION calendar to stay organized. Extra grip for your skate, we got it. Neoprene seat cover, we got it. We have all new luggage this year that is off the chain. As you’re browsing our site, check out photos and videos, while you jam out to tunes picked by the employees and riders at Gator; with new selections weekly. Get G-news letting you know what is going on in the world of Gatorboards. What else could we have you ask, well, you can keep up with our team by checking out their blog. See what the guys and gals of GB did yesterday or have planned for the next 3 months. Getting the down and dirty of GB’s finest… We here at Gatorboards are always working. Around the clock…and you will find out about all we do at                      

Happy Surfing….