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Issue 11.8 is on shelves now awaiting the smooth touch of your fingertips. Why should you pick up issue 11.8 you may ask? Because it’s loaded with behind the scenes coverage of the Fox spine being brought to life, the famous”List “article,  “A Team Managers Guide to Getting Sponsored” and more…



On page 78 Fox team manager Todd Hicks fills us in on the conceptualization of the Fox spine all the way to it’s completion. “3000 screws, 130 2 x 4’s, 30 sheets of plywood, 36 sheets of PVC and 7 days of hard labor” from Reed Hansen, Dieter Humpsch and Grant Roberts, and the spine was officially complete. The guys then proceeded to push the level of wakeskating to new heights with all sorts of new variations of coping slides, transfers and more…



Brostock is a place where stars are born, where the women flow like wine, and where the beer flows even faster. This year was no exception including epic on water performances by Danny Harf, and the first time Bro Stock Champion Adam Fields. Epic off the water experiences came from just about everyone else who attended especially Bob Soven, Jersey Joe, and that bald creepy guy who works for alliance with the huge red beard. If you couldn’t make it to Bull Shoals, AK, here is your chance to get (almost) all the details on what went down.



Next up Kyle Rattray plays host to his O’Neill teammates as they make the trek up to his hometown of Muskoka Woods, Canada, for a week of riding on Lake Muskoka. With their own cottage on an island in the middle of the lake and two brand new Nautiques at their disposal, they were bound for a week of unlimited riding, shooting, and ultimately, an escape from the “big city” life most pro riders seem to live. OK so maybe they aren’t exactly metropolites, but at least they manages to escape from the daily stresses of wifi and retweets.



Finally we have the 2011 List, one of the most exciting articles of the year for our staff to compile. Whether it be good, bad, ugly, or sad, if it “made waves” in 2011 you’re sure to find it here. Rewind Tricks, Unit Obstacles, Kicker Pre-spins and Harley Clifford are just a few of the highlights, but you’ll have to read up to find out which is the good and what is the bad. There’s also an online extension of the list coming your way in the next few weeks. In the meantime, grab the mag and get your read on!



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  1. Sim Bradley Says:

    Who’s on the cover, and who shot it? Looks awesome

  2. steveP Says:

    looks like dean. that was up at radar for part of the defy shoot.

  3. Rusty Says:

    Dean Smith on the cover. Photo by S. Smith


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