June 21st, 2012 by alliance


Issue 12.6 is on shelves now! Everything went smoothly until it came to decide on a cover image, so instead we went with 10 of our favorites from the most happening place in all of Orlando, Hotel Henny. Inside you’ll find tons of killer content to fuel your wake fire including a spread of Jeff Langley’s mute double roll to revert, Randall spilling the beans on what really matters in wakeboarding, and oh so much more…



Can you imagine if you got rewarded at work for partying harder, and more often? Welcome to the world of Kevin Henshaw. Obviously you’ll have to bring it when it comes time to perform on the water, which Kevin surely does. His home is packed to the brim full of pro riders who have either made a name or are looking to make a name for themselves including Steel lafferty, Keith Lidberg, Dylan Miller, and more. There’s never a dull moment with these guys and for this reason we decided to bring you 8 pages of action from the residence. Life’s a beach, and their tanning on it with a six pack and speedo.



Next Sean O’Brien and Jeff Langley join Liquid Force riders Collin Harrington and Shawn Watson for a trip to the backside of the world, aka Singapore. Their mission was to take the West Side Jam by storm which they did as Watson came away with the W. From passports too full for stamps to beautiful women with plus sized adams apples, it all went down in SE Asia. The guys also got the chance to visit Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia where they entertained the locals with a few days of demos. The wakeboard scene is growing FAST in Asia. From there it was off to a friends private island with over 275 feet of boats at their disposal. They made the most of their Asian quest, and rounded it out with three days in Bali. Bastards…



Finally in issue 12.6 Alliance hosts their first ever doubles wakeboard contest. No not double flips, two riders one boat is what we are referring to. It didn’t go quite as planned and we are now thanking god for that because the photographs are unbelievable. From tall tee’s to margaritas, women’s clothing to cool water cologne, it was quite the spectacle. Surprisingly, no ropes were harmed in the making of this event.


Do yourself a favor and put down that donut, swing by the gym and then grab your copy of Alliance issue 12.6 on your way to the lake. It’s summertime and you’ve got work to do.



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