Issue 9.6 has arrived!


What do you get when you mix seven-layer chocolate fudge cake, a double dose of Viagra and night vision goggles? That’s right, you get Alliance’s new issue 9.6! George Daniels is back on the water after a knee injury and what better way to tell the world than with a foldout cover shot.


The inside interview features CWB team manager Steve Bates. Have you ever wondered how to get 8 dudes to watch TV underwater? How about assembling a team CWB wakeboard pyramid? Steve is the brains behind CWB’s new approach to the sport, just bring him around your mother…Why? Because he owns a company called “” in addition to his work in our industry.


Also in this issue we get up close and personal with wakeboarding’s latest wonderboy the Australian Chris O’Shea. Find out where Chris pulls his motivation from and what he and Shane have up their sleeves.


Next up we have a trip to Australia with the Billabong crew as they wrap up the shooting of their team video “Out Of the Pond.” What do you get when you throw 6 of the best wakeboarders into a river front pad with a winch, nautique 230 and a “special blend” of mind altering creativity? Progression; progression is what you get you wallabee!


Did I mention that Australia has wakeboarding? Good because we are heading back again on page 78 with the maven ladies. Ever wonder if Australian butts are harrier than American ones. Shelby, Melissa and Amber have the answers…


Finally we have a Grommett history test in the Dustpan featuring 15 questions regarding the birth of wakeboarding; Find out how Grommetts Bob Soven, Jacob Valdez, Harley Clifford and Jimmy LaRiche measured up to the test.