Today i received a box of the newest issue of Alliance Wakeboard on my doorstep. One of the benefits of working for the mag is the free subscription. The first thing I do whenever I get the new issue is see if I wrote anything, and in this one I happened to have a feature. It's not because I am conceited, I swear, but my stuff is always the first I read. Mostly I am looking to make sure nothing got screwed up in the editing process.

So, you may wonder why I have decided to share this. Well, when reading over "Winchin' Texas," I noticed one extra word was added: big. Doesn't seem like a crisis i know, but it changed the tricks frontside and backside spins, to frontside and backside big spins. While Clint may be capable of the latter, it's not what when down in Los Colinas. And yes, even though I am a girl, I know what a backside big spin is. Tony said I could blame him for trying to make me look stupid, so I am. I am smart and it's all Tony's fault.

 If you haven't seen the new issue yet, go pick up your own copy and enjoy, but be sure to ignore the word "big" in the Texas story.