2010 Watson 139 top

What we say: Shawn Watson has it all. The babes, the boats, and now a wakeboard for every day of the week. You want to ride like that man? We do and riding this wakeboard is one step closer to being like Watson. Shawn, will you have our baby?

What they say:

Liquid Force WATSON

Watson’s newly created modern design generates persistent speed all day
long, and most importantly, helps with smooth landings after hitting huge
BROstock double-ups. This board has all the bells and whistles, but more
importantly, the official Shawn Watson seal of approval, meaning it’s designed
to charge!

Spiral Vee w/ Triple Concave
– Breaks water for softer landings while maintaining speed and flow . . . Vee
allows board to roll into turns quicker with ease

Concave Vee Channels at Tips
– Provides speed and lift with outside edge hold

Dual Vented Tip Slot
– Detaches water flow at edges of tip slot for increased speed and lift

Hook rail edge bevel
– Lifted rail edge frees up sliding while providing superior bite for aggressive

Aggressive Three Stage Rocker
– Launches high trajectory arc off the wake

MSRP $399.99


2010 Watson 139 Bottom