CARLSBAD, Calif.—Is there a conspiracy against people being happy? A few weeks ago, SPY’s “Happy to Sit on Your Face” billboard in Encinitas, CA was taken down by the board’s management company after a few complaints about its double entendre. “Happiness is Coming…” now sits above the Encinitas skyline—much to the delight of an overwhelming majority of local residents who loved the original board, hoping something fun would be re-installed. However, the billboard company would not allow the new “Happiness is Coming… ” creative to go up unless it had a pair of sunglasses built into the artwork.

“Despite having to make a compromise with the billboard’s owner, we’re happy that it is up again, and that SPY is permitted to tell everyone that the Happy Lens™ will be arriving soon,” says SPY Marketing Director Devon Howard. “We have several months to go leading into the Happy release, so we’re hoping this board sticks around for longer than the last one did (a week).”

SPY’s revolutionary new patent-pending lens technology—the Happy Lens™—harnesses the science behind light therapy. The censored billboard was the first nod toward the Happy Lens™ launch in February 2013.

What do you think of the new one? Go to, vote in the poll, and let your voice be heard!

In case you missed what all the noise was about watch this:

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