Recently Hyperlite invited Nick Davies to the factory in Redmond, Washington.  It was time for us to get a hold of the most dominant rider on the cable scene today, get his vision for the future and make sure that future is with Hyperlite.  We’re proud to announce that Nick has signed a long term agreement, cementing himself on our A-Team and he’ll also lead the charge for our newly formed Cable Team.

Nick News1The buzz around cable parks in the US is growing rapidly, but oversees it’s a movement and the place where most riders spend their time.  Nick is from the UK and his experience riding the cable is what we have begun to harness to make better boards and bindings suited for that medium.  While at the Hyperlite HQ, Nick learned how boards are made from start to finish and he actually pressed two of them himself.  He also dove into the R&D room with Aaron Stumpf, shaper of the Marek, and began collaborating on a new design that will feature the Nick Davies name.

Nick News2I grew up about 15 minutes from the Hyperlite factory and remember going in, inquiring about sponsorship or trying to get that free board.  I was always intrigued with how boards were created and built.  Bringing Nick to the Hyperlite factory brought back all that excitement for me, I could sense Nick feeling the same way I had from my first visits to Hyperlite.  I asked Nick about his experience and here’s what he had to say;

“I have been lucky enough to have a week at Hyperlite with all the guys who make all the boards, design the graphics & create the boot’s, and to learn about all the hard work us riders don’t see that goes into the products!”

“It has really made me think twice about what I’m riding on!  It’s more than just a sheet of fiberglass and some glue, there’s weeks of preparing the boards, boots, life vests and all other products they have prior to production.  They also have so much technology in every single machine at the factory, on the design and production side!  It’s just incredible to see how it all gets made and I even had the chance to help make one or two boards :)!”Nick News3

When asked about what the future of wakeboarding Nick just smiled and said, “Whatever it is I’m going to be a big part of it!”  We talked further about the subject and it always led us to product, boards and bindings and what it is Nick is looking for to enhance his riding.  Having said that, Hyperlite is in development of a new board and binding for Nick that will help him make a huge impact on the sport for years to come.

Nick headed home for a day or two before departing to the Philippines for some off season shredding at CWC.  With new Clash boards in hand Nick is making sure he continues to push the limits this winter, taking minimal time off and ensuring he’s in top form for the 2010 season.  Nick will be on Stokemeter.com live from CWC next Thursday December 10th, should be a cool show!

-Greg Nelson

For more on Nick Davies and Hyperlite Wakeboards check www.hyperlite.com