June 5th, 2014 by Submitted

Nick Dorsey left sunny Florida to battle the spring winds en route to Canada and their soon to be summer. Fun times were had on the road trip and the crew made the most of the conditions. Thanks to Quinn and Luke at Valdosta Wake Compound, Chad and Victor at Hydrous, Noel at Wake Island, and Everyone who helped along the way.
Film: Taylor Hanley

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17 Responses to “Nick Dorsey En Route”

  1. Peter Anderson Says:

    Should I narrow my stance? I think I’m starting to like the way it looks at the park.

  2. David Parson Says:

    Ya dude I tried it last week at it was sooo fun!

  3. ronnie allen Says:

    I just tried it last month and haven’t stopped! its so fun and IMO looks way better then those ridiculous wide stances

  4. Shawn Gratzfield Says:

    Wow, Nice work Nick! Ever since you were young I knew you were going to be excellent! maybe sometime this summer you can show my son a thing or too!

  5. D Mac Says:

    Ye that shit was boss… reppin space jam

  6. jimmy Says:

    that was tits

  7. huh Says:

    wow i gotta say that was pretty sick

  8. Jayrock52 Says:

    That looked like a toothpick riding on a piece of plié wood

  9. Jojo Says:

    Looks very “dylan miller” style to me. But stylish though.

    However I can’t understand how they enjoy that, I tried it once, and it’s just horrible. My tibias hurt awfully, and it’s impossible to do a single damn press.

  10. joe dirt Says:

    mojo sounds like you making excuses haha i don’t think the stance has anything to do with you doing presses…

  11. kurt davidson Says:

    This one time I tried it… Then I was like OMGeeee I’m trying it!!!!

  12. tits Says:


  13. haha Says:

    they all just ride narrow so everything is easier to spin on and off, also you are excused from bending your knees ever if your stance is narrow. dont have to learn good kicker hits either cus your legs would break trying to absorb any real landing

  14. Jeff M Says:

    I don’t think I’ve enjoyed an edit this much since Down the Wrist!

  15. Haters=jealousy Says:

    Haters going to hatw

  16. Igor Pastuszek Boito Says:

    Didnt like his Style, stance too closed = Bad Style

  17. shred til dead Says:

    Its tough to watch tight pants skinny stance


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