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Nick Dorsey, from the Great White North, lays down a banger of an edit with this one. While the edit’s name may lack creativity the riding does not disappoint. Unique, creative, and fresh all around. Be on the lookout for this guy in 2014!

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11 Responses to “Nick Dorsey Late-Season”

  1. bwhat? Says:

    who knew the canadian fabio could wakeboard? sick edit doh

  2. Aurthor Hemmingsworth Says:

    what a heart throb… this guy rips!

  3. Jimmy Timmy Says:

    I would totally be his friend on facebook! sick skillz!!

  4. chad kroeger Says:

    i heard transworld wouldn’t post this video because they enjoy boat smart running the wake industry…

  5. Northeast RIders Says:

    Super styled riding! Nice edit!

  6. ronnie creager Says:

    he’s like pretty sick but why is his stance so narrow? but he still looks super stylish!

  7. Gilder Hatchett Says:

    hahaha #canadianfabio

    “you came to celebrate… I came to cerebrate..”

  8. Shazam Says:

    That pete wwooosse, so gowgeous

  9. Dylan Mitchell Says:

    switch and regular tanny 2b where identical ! nice pete too! keep it up!

  10. John Ledford Says:

    So now we have alliance judging creative edits? Who is to give you guys the credibility? No lack of creativity just another way of selling boards duhhh.

    Keep it up Nick!

  11. Jonk Says:

    What a awesome edit! Riding and song.keep it up guys


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