So the other night I had a really wild dream about Tony Smith, my brother, Chase and Staker. So here we go – this is the break down. Tony wanted to go inner tubing really bad, but he was sick of hitting small waves and he wasn’t feeling very extreme in Florida. So he decided he wanted to go out to San Francisco and inner tube in the Bay by Alcatraz, where all of the sharks are. It was going to be me, my brother, Staker and Tony flying out west, but when Chase got wind of this he wanted to come along. We let him. Now when we got out there Tony had the boat and inner tube all lined up for himself. Now this tube was the shittest tube I’ve ever seen – I think that’s why Tony liked it. When we were all getting onto the boat Chase decided to leave and do some “site seeing” he said. While we were cruising through the Bay we were seeing Great White Sharks jumping through these huge waves – “Tony, is this what you’re looking for?” My brother asked. Staker gets his camera ready and I’m driving and my brother is my co-pilot. Tony jumps in with his shitty tube – “Go as fast as you can and whip me over into those waves.” Tony says as he points to the fifteen foot waves. We buckle down and do as we are commanded. Thank God this was a dream, cause I’ve never seen a human fly through the air twenty feet on a duck taped tube and land it and then dodge five Great White Sharks. We get Tony back into the boat and celebrate like champions. We pull up to this ratty pier and we see Chase talking to a woman and he’s holding a three year old girl. “Chase, what’s going on? Who’s this?” Staker asks. “This is my daughter, you guys can’t tell anyone or I’ll be in deep trouble.” Chase says. So in my dream Chase has a daughter and Tony loves tubing through treacherous waters. Well after that I woke up sweating and screaming – what does this mean? Will Tony want to go tubing when he gets back from over seas and will Chase be able to have kids? After that night I haven’t slept since.