December 17th, 2012 by Submitted

Check out Nikita Martyanov getting all sorts of crazy in this Thai Wake Park kicker session!

8 Responses to “Nikita Kicker Session: TWP”

  1. matt Says:

    wack pre spun shit

  2. ok Says:


  3. blake Says:

    killin it

  4. Pierre em Says:

    The guy isn’t trying to claim he landed a 9 or whatever.
    He just trowing down some nice stuff with style.
    How cares if it was actually a 700,900 or 783,87° !

  5. Steven Says:

    Very stylish. Don’t listen to the haters bro

  6. Martim Says:

    amazing rider lots of Respect! one of the best riders in the world if you consider the wake + kicker skills combined

  7. Adam Fields Says:

    Damn Nikita! You are killing it!!

    That’s some really hard to do maneuvers from all different directions. Spinning frontside and backside regular and switch! Keep up the good work! What’s cool to me is that is really shows that he knows how to wakeboard.

    From the looks of it the next video will show 10s from all different directions. Kick ass!

  8. Adam Fields Says:

    sorry for the typo.

    It was to be “It really shows that he knows how to wakeboard.”


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