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Even though you have a busy schedule of training and competitions, you can find some time to realize your dream, to make something new that will test your potential. This new challenging project of Nikita Martyanov shows how far the dreams can carry you and how tricky your idea can be. This breathtaking teaser prior to the video release on September, 19th is opening some details of the project by showing amazing highland location.

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3 Responses to “Nikita Martyanov in Kazakhstan Teaser”

  1. trickskiing Says:

    Hoping this is much better than there last collab.

  2. dudeman Says:

    I would like to imagine a T. Rice “Supernatural” vibe/direction with this piece. (fingers crossed for something good)

  3. Vinny Armentano Says:

    Yeah! “The art of flight” and “Where the trail ends” (red bull’s mountain biking movie) all centered around this notion of exploration/discovery and how that lead to progression.
    If you look back dominik hernler put out a video of himself wakeboarding natural spots in slovenia
    A little different than traditional winching seen in wakeskating vids in the sense that the features that the riders are hitting aren’t man made.
    I think that this is an awesome concept that definitely could be explored for a full film and would personally love to see it come to fruition lol.


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