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photo: Jason Hudson

By Jason Hudson

On the heels of the final event of the Atlas Wake Series, Aussie Island Surf Shop premiered its new team video, NO NAME LOSERS. The video was the brain child of Brad Holland and Nick Joseph of Teleprompted Anthems, together spending countless hours of shooting and editing. In all the video covered more than just the team riders for Aussie Island, it paid homage to riders all across the Mid-Atlantic region.

A perfect setting for the premier, Club Diesel in Wilmington, NC had been transformed into a skatepark. Doublewide Surf Shop and RedBull donated ramps and boxes to turn the dance floor alive with the sounds of decks and wheels. The place quickly filled with riders and beautiful women all ready support the film. As the video got underway, there was not an empty spot in the room. People filled the floor and balcony alike to get glimpse of what this video has been promising…and it delivered. Throwing down all their best tricks the Aussie Island Wakeboard Team evoked audible approval all night long. Every clip seemed to appeal to someone, hence loud whistles and claps through the whole film.

The video depicted clips from riding all across the region. With the editing stylings of Brad and the videography genius of Nick the anticipation of the film was an all time high; and none was disappointed. After the thirty minute video RedBull’s DJSK continued the party on the turn tables and the floor came alive with an impressive open skate competition. For those that can remember there was a “unusual” bikini competition that can best be described as ‘one’ of a kind. It was truly a night to remember, with friends and supporters there wasn’t a person in the room who wasn’t positively affected by the brotherhood that the film depicted. The guys with the Aussie Island Wakeboard Team all push each other and all have become great riders together. Justin Sellers, Jason Greene, Tim Boyer, Brad Holland, NIck Joseph, Ronnie Anderson, Daniel Pate, Clay Martin, Cary Kalamajka and Justin Barnes all can be seen bringing their best tricks to their section. Look for the video to come to DVD In November, it can be purchased at Aussie Island Surf Shop or at WWW.TELEPROMPTEDANTHEMS.COM