There are many annual traditions at Surf Expo and perhaps the most anticipated is the DVS theme party at Glo Lounge. Past themes have included Top Gun and Miami Vice, but this year they really outdid themselves with… NO THEME AT ALL!

Glo Lounge was again host but people wore normal clothes and it was just a good old fashioned dance party. Oh yeah, and the Beatnuts played. I remember them from when that one song was blasting out of every dorm room at Plymouth State college in '99. Anyway, they played that song. It was cool.

All the usual suspects were in attendance, the former Cassette team, some LF heavyweights and even the Nike Grom squad. Myles Vicker was in fine form, as he should have been since his prescense was even advertised on the flier. All I have to say is he did not disappoint. Now go look at the gallery.