One week already since the 10th Nokia FISE finished and this gigantic set up still remains in all the riders spirits… More than 60 of them had come to enter the event and compete on the 9 obstacles built especially for that week-end. Every day, the pressure was getting higher among the riders. They had come from all over Europe and even from Australia and Japan to try this “never seen before” wakeboard spot. The spot was compounded of 9 different obstacles and plenty of lines to follow. A slider area with rails of different shape for both wakeskaters and wakeboarders, but also a gap with a kicker and that amazing frame in the middle of the last pool. Riders had all they needed to enjoy themselves and get bigger every passes… Thanks to Billabong, Nokia, Neverride, Hurricane Events…

See you next year for the 11th Nokia FISE with more wakeboard than ever…


1- Richie Hiney (UK)
2- Dominik Hernler (Austria)
3- Laurent Peyrichou (France)
4- Benjamin Suess (Germany)
5- Sylvain Antoine (France)
6- Jamie Oliver (Spain)
7- Bertrand Oustrières (France)
8- Damien Deville (France)


1- Ludovico Vanoli (Italy)
2- Lukas Suess (Germany)
3- Léo Labadens (France)
4- Dennis Knasiak (Germany)
5- Kevin Calvez (France)
6- Jérôme Ruffray (France)
7- Enric Dosta (Spain)
8- Sebastian Suess (Germany)

Best Trick Contest
Bertrand Oustrières: Cab 540° over the trash car