It's nearly America's birthday and you know what that means– it's finally summer in the Northwest. We have had a rough go at it, rainy weekends all through June, but now it's 90 degrees and supposed to get hotter. Wakeskaters are beginning to embark on the region in preparation for Toe Jam stop #3, formerly the Hippodrome. 

 Silas Thurman has been so busy planning the event that he hasn't even finished his column for Alliance Wakeskate (the new issue is almost ready!) Kyle Walton plans to head down from Belingham at the end of the week, and Brandon Rau got in at midnight last night. 

 I am very certain that there will be a 4th of July celebration featuring winching and fireworks tomorrow in Oregon. Should be good times. But if you can't make that, don't forget to come to Lake Koppert next week. There will probably be some fireworks left over.