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Spring renovations have begun at the park and the Backyard Rail Park crew are recycling rails. Behold the newest gnar at the Backyard Rail Park.
Riders: Cody Walker, Caleb Fauntleroy, Matt Clendenin

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***You can drown in your bathtub if you fall hard enough. Always wear a life jacket while wakeboarding.***

10 Responses to “Not Another Cable Edit”

  1. Jeff Says:

    How can you not like this song? RIP ODB

  2. Dirty Says:

    YES! These dudes get it – and more people need it! Keep it up guys

  3. J.b. ONeill Says:

    Obviously Aidan didn’t make that comment, someone else used his name and thought it was humorous…

    Anyways, this setup is sick, I have seen it a few times now and it gets better each time! Sick riding too!

  4. Jojo Says:

    Guys have balls

  5. WMJ Says:

    Love these edits! Those dudes kill the redneck rail park and aren’t afraid to take a digger or twelve! Way to be WTWT!

  6. Chris T Says:

    Love it, and I think the riding is on point!

  8. Clint Esmond Says:

    HEEHAW DEEHAW BOY I TELL YOU WHAT! murda looking durrttttty

  9. boomsmack Says:

    that was cool

  10. fuzzy jack Says:

    What kinda tars y’all runnin on that wheeler?


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