Step right up! Come one! Come all! Feast your eyes on A palpitating parliament of Outlaws, Goorus, and Freaks of nature. Bear witness to the industry leader’s most advanced Comp Vest features and raw materials that have been rigorously tested and tortured through countless rounds of prototypes for the best in quality, fit and function. Stare in amazement at what nearly 60 years of kinetic design from the diabolical minds of O’Neill’s Area 52 continue to create each year — The Greatest Collection of Comp Vests on Earth!

Observe a cast of the world’s greatest Wake Boarders and Wake Skaters, dastardly daredevils, and freshwater fiends armed with an unrivaled floatation arsenal as they do battle with the elements.  Led by THE EXTRAORDINARY FEATS of “The Voodoo Ring Master!” SCOTT BYERLY, The GOORU himself, who torques and twists to illogical extremes! Strange but true!  From the Depths of Area 52, NICK TAYLOR is TNT — blowing up in a formfitting, high impact-protecting, molded envelope of quick-drying dynamite. COLLIN HARRINGTON plays mind games with all imitations. Copies are no match for the Ultra Flexible, Side Entry, Sliced Foam, Segmented Core, CHECKMATE Comp Vest!  It’s bulls, blood, dust, and mud for AARON REED, who rides like a thunder bolt, spittin’ fire in the OUTLAW with the concealed, quick release, “bandoleer” dual belt system. Follow BRET LITTLE as he serves up a cool dish of MP3-compatible REVENGE with mesh body for quick drainage and integrated lumbar support. Rounding out this menagerie of freaks is KYLE RATTRAY, “The Incredible Regenerating Man”, in the enviro-friendly, reversible RG8 COMP Vest made from recycled plastic bottles. Log into and check out the new Wake Freakshow microsite.  Here you will see this spectacular line up of Comp Vests, and the Human oddities of Team O’Neill.