Golf and wakeskating are pretty similar in a lot of ways.  You can only enjoy each of them with fair weather, you always go with some friends, and fashion is almost as important as skill level.  So it comes as no surprise that us wakeskaters in the Oak Amphibious Assault Squadron were naturally drawn to enjoy a game of golf with our companions during Surf Expo time. 

So the date was set for Thursday before Expo to hold the 1st Annual Oak Invitational, hosted by the Stoneybrook golf resort.  In attendance were Oak riders Josh Kirby and myself, Oak "Bro Support" and Kirby's roommate Mike Grasso, and Oak owners/operators Mikey Tarantelli and Gabe (last name unknown).  Unfortunately the rest of the Oak shredders couldn't make it: Stu was still in Bradenton attending the Manatee Community College of Manatee Land, likely studying up for his midterm in Manatee Culture and Sociology (and probably munching on about 12 sandwiches an hour while doing so), Travis was learning 360 flips, Lance was stuck in Wisconsin freezing his fins off, Ben Caruso was sailing around Cuba, and Ben Horan (who was actually in Orlando at the time – check the "living the dream" story) couldn't get a ride to the course. 

It was still a great time had by all, and despite a little rain at the beginning, our spirits were anything but dampered.  We all pretty much rip at golfing and are strongly considering dropping this whole wakeskate thing to join the fashion suavy world of the PGA.  There was definitely some great bonding and strong bro-connections made (or as i refer to them, "bronnections"), and it became clear that the open golf range really makes a man feel free to consult his brethren with anything that could possibly be on his mind. 

Mikey definitely had us buying his "amateur golfer" routine when his first shot of the day went straight into the nearest body of water…it was clear he was letting us win.  What a great guy…he even kept his "I own your souls…it's in contract" talk to a minimum. 

We had a bit of a late start and couldn't quite finish all 9 holes, so the match quickly turned into a pitch black golf cart freestyle dirt rally, with Gabe riding solo and clearly taking the advantage.  All in all, the high fives were bountiful, the golf attire was spectacular, and everyone couldn't wait to get back for next year.