Oakley is proud to announce Nicola Butler as the newest addition to the Oakley wake team. Butler, 16 years old, is the leading force in women’s wakeboarding who took the top of the podium by storm last season in only her 2nd year on the Pro Wakeboard Tour.  Although she is one of the newer faces on the tour, Nicola has been able to put several titles under her belt. She is the current Queen of Wake champion, Pro Tour Champion, and World Champion. In 2008 she had a remarkable year winning seven of the nine events in the series and was also named the 2008 Female Rider of the Year in both Wakeboarding and Alliance Magazine Wakeboard Magazine.  

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, and now lives in Orlando, Florida. Having only been riding for the past five years, Nicola has developed her own aggressive yet fluid style. Heading into a fresh new season this year she will be representing Oakley for eyewear, apparel, and accessories. “We are very excited to have Nicola on the Oakley Team. She is the perfect addition, hard working and has a big passion for wakeboarding. She brings her own unique style to our very diverse team of athletes,” said Oakley Team Coordinator Jack Blodgett.  

She will be joining other top pro riders and friends Danny Hampson, Nick Taylor, George Daniels, Aaron Rathy, Keith Lyman, Amber Wing, on the team. Giving design feedback and representing Oakley in a wide rang of films, photo-shoots and competitions around the world. When asked about joining the Oakley women’s program Nicola said,  “I’m honored to be on such a tight team, all of Oakley’s product is sick and they have done some really cool things in wakeboarding, I am very excited about my future with them.”  

Company Wakeboards, Mastercraft, Osiris, and OWC also sponsor Nicola.  

Check out Nicola’s bio page for more pictures and interviews at www.oakley.com/wake