Over the weekend Oakley invited friends and family to the star tower in downtown Orlando for a season kickoff party. They served drinks, food, hooked us all up with 3d shades, and then premiered a 3d video reel done in collaboration with Philips. The reel will be playing all around the world on show room floors to demonstrate the capabilities of their new 3d televisions, as well as the Oakley team. It was filmed on Blue Lake outside of Orlando, FL with several red camera’s, helicopters and more. Watching wakeboarding in 3D for the first time was pretty awesome. We all thought we were going to be stabbed by the nose of the pickle forked x-star, got scared, and had to remove the glasses temporarily. That’s how real it was. The video is short and sweet, but jam packed with some sick clips of all the team. Below are a couple of photo’s from the event. Thanks to Oakley for the awesome time and sweet 3D shades. We’re now officially going to be coolest guys in line for titanic 3D.