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The Fox team recently took a trip to Lake Shata for a little rest and wakeboarding. Jeff Emig, moto legend Ricky Carmichael (won a race once,) as well as up-and-coming racers Trey Canard, Daniel Reardon, Brett Metcalf, Ivan Tedesco and Norcal wakeboarder Derek Cook, were treated by Fox to this little trip to get away from their normal race scene. One of the heads of the pro tour Chris Bischoff,  has been friends with Emig for years, so he was brought along for the festivities. Add in a handful of uppers from Fox including John and Greg Fox, Todd Hicks, Aaron West, and Chris “Beeker” Onstott, there to make sure we were all taken care of an you have the crew.

Lake Shasta was the location and the “Titan” was the 22 person castle of a houseboat that we called home for the weekend. Guitar jams, games of Big Booty, bench racing (talking about races in the past), more smack talk than I have ever witnessed (but I guess that’s how they do it), motivational speeches to the young ones made by the veterans, “Getting To Know You” sessions, and of course a lot of riding. I’m a Nautique guy, and when I heard there weren’t any boats available in the area, I was bummed. But Malibu came thru, since the factory was super close, and they set us up with a really nice 21 LSV, (thanks Lani!) RC put together an impromptu contest between himself and Greg Fox, and with the chief judge from the tour there, it was a no brainer. 2 minute freeride format, clock runs when you put your hand in the air, clock stops when you fall, and you get 5 falls. Two runs, one on Sat and one on Sun, best run takes the W.

Greg hadn’t ridden in years, but was killing it. Perfect wake to wake jumps, great board control and even a grab thrown in there! He ended with a ollie 180 on his second try and then got smacked on another wake jump (but he won crash of the week.) Ricky came out in 6th gear going for his newly learned powerslide backside 180, but fell on his first couple goes. He got some solid jumps in, had some really nice ollies and then revisited the backside 180 and stuck it! Judges impression was a tie for day 1.

It came down to day 2. Greg’s conditions weren’t the best, but that’s how it goes sometimes. He had solid riding, similar to day 1, but Ricky’s wake to wake 180 was the clincher for the title. Nice riding boys!

We had alot of first timers get their shred on and we also had Daniel stomp his first, and the cleanest wake to wake 360 that could be done, which gave him the trophy for best trick. Yeah, Emig actually had trophies made for the trip. Nice move. I really enjoyed getting to know Daniel, Brett and Ivan, all great guys and I hear they are kinda good on a bike. Trey really came out of his shell through the weekend and finished the trip with a statement to me as we were packing up. “We forgot to name the boat…” To which I replied “ol’ 96” (only the guys on the trip will get that one.)

Thanks to everyone at Fox that allows us to have fun on trips like this. We are blessed to live the lives we do, so thanks for being a part of it! Jeff, thanks for all the work you put into organizing this. Aaron, and Beeker, thanks for all the help and hard work. Derek, thanks for all the driving. Todd, you worked you butt off as always and it doesn’t go unnoticed. John, Greg and Pete (although Pete was missed on the trip), thanks for changing our lives by embracing your passions!– Shaun Murray