October 29th, 2013 by Alliancewake.com Spencer Norris

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This tiny package has it all, rail skills, boat skills, style skills, not to mention he is a real stand up dude. Check out Oli Derome as he shreds both the lake and the park.

17 Responses to “Oli Derome Shred”

  1. Skinny Pete Says:

    :41 – yes.

  2. Wesley Mark Jacobsen Says:

    Yea Oli! Sick riding bru!

  3. Gilder Hatchett Says:


  4. boomsmack Says:

    mute front to fakie was sick!!!

  5. Chuck Says:

    Dude is dope!

  6. Alex Graydon Says:

    ummm.. SWITCH back 270 gap to the bottom of the kink rail. Yes Oli. so good.

  7. WhatStyle Says:

    Oli has no style. Lame tricks…his bro is way better.

  8. bro Says:

    awesome Oli!

  9. Wesley Jacobsen Says:

    A blind man could see that swag. pshhhh

  10. le porc Says:

    yeaaaaa mon ti boyyyy

  12. Kyle Woehler Says:

    Yeah Oli! Thanks a lot, I wanna go shred now and it’s 40 degrees outside!

  13. Adam Fields Says:

    Great edit! Nice work guys!

  14. Marc Poirier Says:

    Sick riding, Oli. Great song choice. À bientôt :)

  15. Stevo Says:


  16. Chris Says:

    Dope on a rope!

  17. Lev Says:

    so sick :)