Anatomy of a really bad day: Lose your computer, passport, house keys, some money and your mind. Travel for 24 hours lugging around the heaviest camera ever. Sweat. Repeat.

The DVS crew is in Prague, I’ve been dealing with losing all my shit, and now I’m in Heathrow airport in London waiting for a flight for the next four hours. I also only had one pound left, and that’s how much this web hookup cost me, and I’ve only got 2 minutes 30 seconds left. Let’s see how much I can tell you in that time:

Wakestock UK was awesome, Pat Panakos built one of the coolest rail pools ever. Thomas Horrell won the contest — Staker and I judged. But it was clear that he won — back board 270 shuv out. Reed landed some tricks; our UK editor had the best steeze of the non-Americans. Ben Hitch won the wakeboarding contest and, oh, there was this amazing thing that happened to Josh Letchworth! He was dancing and all of a sudden