August 31st, 2012 by alliance

Amber Wing and Melissa Marquardt joined the boys in Mexico, in search of calm water and big wakes. Looks like they found everything they could have ever hoped for below the border.

5 Responses to “Once Upon A Time In Mexico: Chicas de Agua”

  1. Jason Brooks Says:

    Kick ass! Very fun to watch both movies. I have been waiting for someone to use that scattered trees song in a wakeboard movie. :) Well done Patrick. And of course ALLIANCE WAKE MAG KICKS ASS!!

  2. René Puente Says:

    Patrick, you sure can do some filming, congrats.

  3. Aaron Merino Says:

    Really Proud of Monterrey and the people that make things like this happen in our city.
    Congratulations Keep it up!!!

  4. luis loaiza Says:

    viva mexicooooo….super girls

  5. Wackhero Says:

    better style than most of the guys… very fun to watch


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