September 4th, 2012 by alliance

Dean Smith had no problem adjusting to the water in Mexico… I guess the old tip about not drinking in the water doesn’t count if your from down under.

6 Responses to “Once Upon A Time In Mexico: Hombre From Down Under”

  1. Aaron Merino Says:

    Congratulations to Patrick Wieland, Inc.

  2. Austin_T Says:

    one of my top 3 riders to watch. soo much style !!

  3. Name (required) Says:

    holy shit.

  4. bandit Says:

    soo sick

  5. dood. Says:

    ol’ dean o- i love watching him ride- ive got his wakeboard and the thing has mad pop

  6. wow Says:

    There’s a way to do spins and inverts. Then there’s the the dean smith way to do spins and inverts.

    So sick dude!


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