October 2nd, 2012 by alliance

Theres not much to say really, we only got one opportunity to shoot with Randall once while in Mexico. Theres no crow 5s or 900s or really anything insane and we know Randall is capable but what we did manage to capture is just pure wakeboarding. Its simply just a man and his wakeboard. Hopefully this video transcends the politics and everything else so many people are worried about these days. No matter if you ride in a contest, at a cable park or behind a winch. What it really comes down to is you and your board on the water. However you do it, just do it…

20 Responses to “Once Upon A Time In Mexico: Randall Harris”

  1. John Says:

    Thumbs up for the crow at :40. So rare that you see just a simple scarecrow anymore – its always turned to a mobe. Randall taking it back to ’97.

  2. Steve Says:

    Thank you Alliance this video really made appreciate being on the lake and riding. Sometimes we forget how lucky we really are to be able to do the things we love. Big ups to Randall for always doing it right.

  3. Gould Says:

    keepen it raw…wrapped kgb melons is legit

  4. SaFtFiRsT Says:

    Great way to start my day. Thanks Alliance and Vandall!

  5. wow Says:

    That brought a tear to my eye. Missing the lake…

  6. René Puente Says:

    aiming at choppers while vandalising the local H2O´s, nice work capturing PW

  7. stelios Says:

    magic !!!!!

  8. hmm Says:

    Using cross dissolves like it’s 1997. Nice work.

  9. We The People Says:

    The Champ!

  10. Scott Harwood Says:

    Always a leader, never a follower!!

  11. Scott Harwood Says:

    Express Yourself!!

  13. The Spangler Says:

    So clean so steezy!

  14. Gavin Says:


  15. zzzzzzzzz Says:

    yes sir

  16. g west Says:

    Those poor knees, maybe one day hoverround will sponser him. Vandal slays!

  17. max Says:


  18. Voice of reason Says:

    No PFD = Possible death, especially at 30mph in the middle of a lake. Riding was solid, but accidents happen. We need you Randall!

  19. Voice of reason Says:

    please set a good example for the kids

  20. ClampCHamp Says:

    the definition of “Freeride”


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