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June cover boy Alex Graydon showing off some of his one foot trickery. Just wait until you see the ending!
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16 Responses to “One Footers with Alex Graydon”

  1. cobra Says:

    yea Alex!!! so sick

  2. chad Says:

    Love the miller flip like trick on the ramp.

  3. Rob Corum Says:

    Yea dude. That was ill.

  4. Alex Graydon's Left Knee Says:

    This one-foot stuff has got to stop, you guys.

  5. Jon Dickey Says:

    So stoked for you dude, you deserve it!

  6. Alex Says:

    Graydon’s rail riding is above the rest for sure!!!

  7. skater Says:

    1/2 way to wakeskating, one more foot.

  8. Danny T Says:

    Keep it up man! I like this trickery

  9. kyle Woehler Says:

    Killin it man!

  10. Gnarduar Says:

    that was just sooper dooper. sick riding. rad edit. chyeah!

  11. stuck in ohio Says:

    they should call you the sandman, cus that steez is smooth ..props

  12. Justin H. Says:

    I’ve watched this vid a handful of times and pulled out a few new lines for sure. The one footer stuff is sick, but….I’m just going to cheer for those. No need to break a leg off anytime soon. Great edit and shredding.

  13. AB Says:

    Smooth. Sickiest style. So out there. Love watchng graydons style. Always switchin it up. Wake Game Julius Erving

  14. One footers Says:

    is there a stomp pad on your board?? super sick steez though. Be careful with those onesies.

  15. hmm Says:

    Need some crab grabs

  16. Janelle Says:

    Alex it was so great meeting you today!!! Thanks so much for teaching Jack and Polly!!! You are so amazing and talented!!! Thanks again!!! Janelle and Whitney


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