March 23rd, 2011 by Patrick Wieland
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Spend one minute out of your day viewing style master Jeff McKee doing a little wakeboarding.

Spend one minute out of your day viewing style master Jeff McKee doing a little wakeboarding.

25 Responses to “One Minute with Jeff McKee”

  1. Trevor Behler Says:

    That cork back 5 tail was ill. but stop using fins already.

  2. Luker Says:

    Says the dude with a bunch of FB pics of himself on a Company board with 6 fins

  3. Curt Says:

    toeside 360 at 1:00, grab, poke, switch hand = quality

  4. Trevor Behler Says:

    I’m not as good as Jeff I still need the tracking to land.

  5. Trevor Behler Says:

    Take a closer look at the book.

  6. Luker Says:

    I can’t think of a single pro rider in the world that doesn’t rock fins (molded or 0.6 outters) behind the boat. If you can please fill me in.

  7. Trevor Stewart Says:

    just stop trev. Your making a bad name for guys with our name.

  8. paul rydesky Says:

    Trevor, your awesome ! Way to represent the Detroit players. haha. no doubt.

  9. paul rydesky Says:

    old schoo when you know you stomp anything cause you designed the sport before there even was a book.

  10. Nintzel Says:

    The TS 360 is the new BS 180.

  11. paul rydesky Says:

    Detroit Player reference to Trevor Behler. you new guys got cute outfits. wear some mini skirts for boardshorts pretty soon.

  12. yewwww Says:

    Trevor Stewart you are looking like a kook because if you take a close look at the slingshot board there are no molded fins. Hell no traction at aside from the fins. If you take the fins off that board you would be riding Chase Heavener’s Neptune board from 1996. And how are you going to make that comment when you rock fins????

  13. yewwww Says:

    sorry Trevor Behler not Stewart. Sorry Stewart

  15. Trevor Behler Says:

    Chase was ahead of his time and was so was Bill for that matter. I rode a Neptune GTO finless and it was great. Bottom features only slow you down including fins. Fins are not needed, thats all there is to it.

  16. Trevor Behler Says:

    I don’t rock fins.

  17. Ben Wilcox Says:

    Are those all black RADs?

  18. Hunter Musgrove Says:

    no its the womens boots like oli derome wears, same as RADs just softer

  19. Patrick Wieland Says:

    haha nah their men’s rads

  20. nate Says:

    there 2020 prototype bindings.

  21. Joey bad ass Says:

    Hey that was sick, the edits for the amateur hour are really cool. Jeff, keep workong at it bud and maybe youll make it as a pro someday.

  22. kent Says:

    Man I wish i was the editor of a magazine so i could always have updates of my lame riding and people saying cool stuff about me

  23. conb Says:

    doin’ it proper! sick riding, love the steeze on the grabs. forget the haters.

  24. Fuck Haters Says:

    How can you hate? That was tight!

  25. Jeff Says:

    very styly as always. as far as his bindings i’m pretty sure he just pray painted his. you can tell in some of the close ups that its not a factory color job.


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