O’Neill team manager Matt Gleason has a new whip and it’s been pimped. The 2008 Toyota Tundra was put together for O’Neill by ATX American Racking wheels. On the outside the truck features Toyo tires, Magnaflow exhaust, a custom Four Wheel camper over the bed, and a winch on the front for getting out of those tight spots. Although, we have a feeling that if Nick Taylor or George Daniels get a hold of it, the tow cable on the winch will be replaced with a wakeskating rope and handle.

On the inside, though, is a 24” flat screen TV for watching all the latest videos, plus a navigation system to scope out the best riding locations. Matt told us the truck will be used all over the West Coast, from Mexico, all the way up to Washington and even over to Montana. There is also a grassroots tour being put together for summer ’08 throughout other parts of the country, but specific dates and locations haven’t been finalized yet.

Right now this little rig is being shown off at the SEMA convention in Las Vegas. Here’s what can fit inside of the new O’Neill truck:
–    150 wakeskates
–    50 30-packs (of water, duh…)
–    unlimited girls
–    0 pairs of George’s smelly shoes

Word on the street is this baby’s nimble like Greyhound with the bark of a Rottweiler. Lidberg’s already nicknamed the “shaggin’ wagon.” No word yet as to whether or not the truck contains shag carpet.

Stay tuned to alliancewake.com for future dates and locations…