Here’s a question: Do PWC’s go too fast? My answer is no, humans go too slow. Here’s why: Today Josh McWilliams and I were riding doubles, filming the O’Neill team catalog shoot at Scott Byerly’s house. Scott’s lake is a little low right now, and there are some sand bars that have popped up. Problem is, it’s hard to see them when you’re driving into the sun going 50. Our eyes just can’t keep up. So we hit one that was a few inches below the water, Josh’s chin slammed into my back and the ski started going sideways. Somehow I remembered to steer into the skid and gave it some gas and we didn’t flip. Our camera stayed completely dry, too; a solid indication of the professionals we have become.

Josh Letchworth didn’t have the same luck. A few hours earlier Aaron Reed managed to throw Josh off the back of the Waverunner and dunk Josh’s Nikon, but somehow the camera worked afterwards and the shoot went on. Byerly’s house has good karma surrounding it, I can’t explain, but it just does. It saved our asses today.

As for the shoot, it was magnificently catered and the guys and girls did their best Blue Steels all day long, and did their tricks with purpose. Bravo to Will Christien who pumped out about 90 stalefish grabs without getting her hair wet, all so Letch could get just the right shot. And can I just say that George Daniels rips and is very helpful on shoots like these? Thanks.