If you've ever been to Orlando you know that I-4 is the major freeway going right through downtown and many days it can be a nightmare for commuters. Nautiques of Orlando happens to be located right off of the freeway, just south of downtown, so they figured what better way to add to the traffic dilemmas than by having a rail jam.

With the help of Red Bull, Performance, Orlando Toyota and the boys at Step Up Productions, Nautiques of Orlando hosted a weekend-long shred fest that featured a 60-foot down rail and a kicker to table top setup over a Toyota. Of course, with the event being right in Orlando, many of the industry's best riders came out to participate and hang out with each other, which made the show even better for all the fans. Although, most of the riders might have been overshadowed by famed Florida Gators football coach Urban Meyer who was on hand Saturday to sign autographs and check out the action.

The action was solid throughout the weekend, and the vibe at the event was awesome. The kickoff was Friday night, and it was more than "chilly" out, but the boys threw on some neoprene to try to stay warm. Plus, the motivation of a $500 Best Trick prize probably helped, too.

Red Bull and Nautiques of Orlando did an awesome job keeping everybody entertained and well-fed all weekend long. There were free drinks and BBQ the whole time (now that's my kind of a rail jam!)

The two winners of the $500 Best Trick prizes were: Steve-O (we don't know his last name) and Kyle Hyams. They threw on a little extra hot sauce in their tricks to keep things spicy!

Check out the video here.