September 16th, 2012 by Submitted

Rob Russell presents “Out of the Norm”, a full length movie that captures the North Carolina wake scene. Check out local rippers Matt Deal, Michael Sutherland, Ben Pierce, Sam Baker, Gordon Harrison and Stephen Pierce standing out from the norm. Congrats to everyone involved with this movie as it does take a lot of work and passion to put something like this together.

16 Responses to “Out of The Norm- Full Movie!”

  1. cole Says:

    all my boys straight killing it! sick!

  2. Rails Says:

    where was benj trogdon?

  3. Dylan Says:

    really enjoyed that!
    thanks guys!

  4. Boshek Says:

    @Rails, benj was out all year with a back injury. He’s back to riding now maybe he’ll make it in the sequel!

  5. dfddg Says:

    Riding in NC, played Vacationer? Loved it.

  6. gahgsdhasgd Says:

    Full of those retarted lens/color flashes for transistions. Why does every filmaker in wake think they are cool haha they are so bloody stupid

  7. norm Says:

    what was so out of the norm?

  8. Normal dude Says:

    The video is sick and very well done… dudes that talk shit hate because they cant do anything even close as good… no ones thinks they are cool all the riders and the film maker did it for fun because they like to wakeboard. And it was mainly shot on Lake Norman.. soo out of the norm…

  9. Matt Says:

    @norm They are waking on Lake Norman The biggest lake in NC with more shoreline than nc and sc combined

  10. gwest Says:

    north carolina in the hizZOUSE!!!!

  11. gahgsdhasgd Says:

    I never said the filmakers or riders think they are cool i said the filmakers think the dumb red or yellow flashes as transitions are cool. They have been way over used because everyone does it.

  12. shaun Says:

    if you don’t have anything else better to do than to hate, just don’t get on the site

  13. Jamie Says:

    ^ x2 seriously

  14. gahgsdhasgd Says:

    ya’ll just a bunch of haters!!! dawgggg x4 = 2

  15. jeffrey quintin Says:

    this isn’t the whole NC scene without benji

  16. TomGGermany Says:

    Nice video, nice shredding, good footage! Keep on shreddin’
    Haters go home!


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