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Taking some park laps at Trophy Lakes in Charleston, SC. Since the installation of the cables, the wakeboard scene in Chucktown has been on the rise. More and more kids are riding the cable, buying boards, and progressing their own riding. Wesley Jacobsen shows us around.

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11 Responses to “Park Laps at Trophy Lakes with Wesley Jacobsen”

  2. wakeboarder Says:

    good stuff! good riding and song, looks fun

  3. Chris Trabbold Says:

    Yea brotha! Sick stuff.. Keep killin it

  4. Cameron Brown Says:

    Nice dude! Set-up looks super fun!

  5. Will Harrison Says:

    AHHHH YEEEEAAAA COACH!!!! Way to be homie!! Always shredding so hard and spreading the wakeboard stoke here in Charleston!! CHUCKTOWN CUSS EM UP!

  6. Kevin G Says:

    Yeaaa Buddy. Skinny stance all day

  7. Jojo Says:

    He proves that skinny stance can be stylish

  9. Duuude Says:

    This toothpick needs a bigger board but his riding is soooo legit

  10. G Says:

    Each to their own but looks ugly with that ski stance! Shorter shorts and big gloves might help?

  11. Trophy Lakes Says:

    Well done son. So great to see you finally getting some recognition for all your hard work. It’s been great watching you grow as a rider and a person. We love that naturally effortless style. We hope you stick around for years to come.
    For those of you who don’t know, WMJ has played a massive role not only growing our park into what it is today, but growing the whole scene not only in the greater Charleston area, but the whole south east. Not sure where we’d all be without him, keep up the hard work.
    Congrats Wesley!


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