August 25th, 2010 by Patrick Wieland
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Check out a recent session with Parks Bonifay hitting his first Double half Cab Roll in 5 years.

Check out a recent session with Parks Bonifay hitting his first Double half Cab Roll in 5 years.

24 Responses to “Guess Who’s Back!”

  1. legit Says:

    video not working..

  3. Patrick Wieland Says:

    Should be working now. Sorry about that guys!

  4. Scott Jobe Says:

    That’s not a double cab roll, it’s a double half cab roll. A cab is a fakie 360. That is a 180.

  5. jonathan Says:

    who cares?

  6. Justin Says:

    Legend / Hero / Partyer

  7. Dlow Says:

    as much as i love parks…. I dont think this is his come back! Nor do i believe he is “Back”

  8. yawnnnn Says:

    take it to triple

  9. Dan Lay Says:

    You know what the difference is with wakeboarding and all other extreme sports is that wakeboarders have made a name for themselves…PRICKS! Now I’m not talking about all wakeboarders, but those of you who have been apart of this industry for at least one season should know what I mean. Judging by the comments that go up on Alliance after every new video, you are all helping that name thrive. Think of if Travis Rice blew out his knee and then 5 years later a video popped up on Transworld of him stomping a double corck. People would be stoked! If those of you who look at this website and bash everything that pops up please just go join a team sport or something because we are TIRED OF YOUR NEGATIVITY …pricks.

    Sick Parks! Good to see you throwing down again!

  10. Bryan Swarm Says:

    Well spoken Dan,
    Wake boarding definitely should start breaking its self away from those guys who just buy boats to get drunk, holla at chicks with beads around their necks with there Busch light home made cowboy hats on… but that’s just me..

  11. Bryan Swarm Says:

    well done Parks!!!!!!! stoked for you!!

  12. Kyle Says:

    i gotta agree with dan and bryan, and for what its worth, there is no such thing as cab anything in wakeboarding, unless you are popping off a rail, and very rarely in snowboarding cuz you have to do a fakie ollie, which means on the board switch, but doing a nollie… whatever it’s called though, nobody but parks has ever hit one, which has to say somethin since he’s been doin them now for like 12 years.

  13. Jp Says:

    worse than favre…

  14. Michael Padula Says:

    I agree with Dan and Bryan. And add that it’s sad you cant fix stupid.

  15. Dave Sandford Says:

    So Sick! Great to see PB on the water!
    Cudos Dan & Bryan. . .
    I don’t get why people have to be so negative.

  16. andrew Says:

    ya wakeboarders are douchers for sure…

  17. Ax Says:

    SAWEEET! Way to dust that baby off Parks!

  18. Mark Griffin Says:

    F@k YEA!! Go Parks! I wanna see him healthy and hungry and taking on the young guns in the PWT next year

  19. Pfunk Says:

    Couldn’t say it any better than Bryan Swarm. Parks is legit and will always be legit.

  20. Yorr Says:

    Smile Its wakeboarding at its finest, names of tricks and hype are over rated. It looked like fun to me!

  21. you know Says:

    yeah y would anyone in the right mind ever bash on parks. he is the reason our sport is what it is today. Dlow someone needs to kick your ass for even thinking what you commented.

  22. you know Says:

    and ps he never left

  23. Mike Braaten Says:

    things are so different up north where wakeboarders and wakeboarding is way more scarce. everyone is so stoked to ride, see anything to do with wakeboarding, or see other wakeboarders that no one up here is that stereotypical wakeboard-dick, i honestly have never even seen or heard about the wakeboard asshole stereotype. i’m definately not saying anything bad about FL or places that wakeboarding is huge because i’m gonna end up there anyway so no offense but yeah this is really sad. what i’ve seen of wakeboarding is its a huge family, anywhere around here if a wkbrdr (my license plate haha) see’s another its an instant conversation. anyway PARKS THATS AMAZING SO STOKED FOR YOU GOTTA FEEL AMAZING!

  24. Theo Koester Says:

    Duuude mike i know!!! I read this too… I’ve never seen anything but respect come from wakeboarding. Like all the events MN has… like when they had the pro tour here… or the boat show and ruck, palma henshaw, and errington came out. Everyone was so chill and laid back. Since when did become a place for people to bitch at eachother. the dude just threw a double roll and someone says “who cares” … dude if you dont find that sick as hell… you prob are on the wrong site…


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