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Parks Bonifay still dropping hammers….

Parks Bonifay still dropping hammers….

11 Responses to “Parks Bonifay Switch Double Back Mobe”

  1. Andrew Masi Says:

    Long Live Parks!!!! It would be awesome to the original one he landed side by side. They have to be almost a decade apart by now

  2. unan Says:

    lost the shitty music

  3. Bret Nowell Says:

    seriously unreal

  4. Justin H. Says:

    Parks is a freak.

    Also, I am so tired of waiting for Defy that I have downloaded all of the trailers and leaked footage so it plays in a line. It was a little bit of work, but it probably saved me $30-35.

    Not seriously, but Defy is slowly becoming the “Pointless” of the 2010’s. It has been so hyped and so leaked that by the time it is in my collection it is a bit of a fizzle. I have it on my Christmas list. Anyone know the odds??

  5. The boss Says:

    This is truly incredible!!!! Congrats parks…… Just think about the injuries that he had to overcome and the rehab and the training to get back on the water and get back to this level of riding…. So awesome!

  6. steveP Says:

    long live the king!!!!

  7. yoyo Says:

    tired of waiting for defy to come out, you know its gonna be an “all super slow-mo, how epic can i make this” kilgus vid anyway. watch a skatevideo for once. tired of all the unnecessary slow mo

  8. yea parks! Says:

    f**k yea parks!!!! … f**k dubstep

  9. lewisd10 Says:


  10. Al Says:

    Parks is UNREAL!!! He is his one of the most technical riders ever. Hands down one of the best! Parks is Parks.


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