Parks Bonifay is in the Alliance offices working with Keith Kipp and the rest of the team to finalize the much anticipated release of his documentary. This is the final month in a production that has been in works for years. “For the last five years we’ve been filming and acquiring footage, now I’m here (at Alliance) seeing everything pieced together…things are coming full circle, seeing the timeline laid out, seeing all the footage of my family’s history, including my history blows my mind.” – Parks

The footage that we have from the Bonifay family history is amazing, but it doesn’t hold a candle to how much we have of Parks as a child. There is so much footage it’s difficult to believe that his parents did anything other than shoot video of Parks and Shane. Check out the trailer to the video and set aside your $28.00 for when this video releases in early June. This is going to be a classic.

 Check trailer here.