So here it is, the 5th and final edition of the Instagram battle featuring our favorite, Mr. Parks Bonifay. If the wakeboard industry has been around the world once, Parks has been around it twice, which makes the probability of him having some kickass photo’s extremely high. He’s fairly on point with his social media skills and was stoked to submit his 5 best shots for the battle. Make sure to vote for your favorite and the winning pic will go up against Bob, Palma, Jimmy, and Watson’s best photo.


Photo 1 – Little E

Adam, JD and I were in Argentina for a Red Bull event in these Salt flats 10,000 feet above sea level and had gotten this idea from some of the preview pictures they sent us. All the sudden we had these Llama’s to carry our wakeboards and hang out with so we took all sorts of crazy illusion photo’s to make Adam way smaller than he already was.


Photo 2 – The Bayou

I was with Grubb for another Red Bull project that was being shot outside of New Orleans in these crazy waterways loaded with trees. They lit it up all crazy and Grubb was riding through them for the shoot. I was a helping hand for the shoot this particular day, so I snapped some pics and then raced the jetskii down this endless canal at top speed. It was pretty wild.


Photo 3 – Eyes on the Prize

We were spending the afternoon over at Henshaw’s place here in Clermont just having beers and lounging around on funny shaped tubes when we decided to step things up a notch. I decided to do a barefoot whip into shore and try to make it all the way through the crazy wheel. I dove through it and pretty much rolled up onto shore because it was only about a foot deep on the other side. I think Josh Zentmeyer was the one who snapped the photo and then sent it to me, but I love how there is no rope, no wake, no jet skii: Just a man walking on water. Eyes on the prize.

Photo 4 – Chopper Shoot

We were filming for Defy in this picture here and as you can see, they were using a helicopter. The pilot does a lot of of the best chopper shots in wake. He’s a badass. He can maneuver a chopper like I’ve never seen before, nearly touching the water with the blades at times. It’s always worth having your phone out to snap a pic when he’s flying, and I pretty much nailed it on this one. Rusty’s doing a perfectly grabbed roll to blind within feet of the chopper doors. I love how the i phone camera can’t really figure out to do with the blades and they come out all curved and crazy looking.


Photo 5 – 3 leg 1 wheel turtle

No this wheel is not just leaning against a turtle…It’s actually his 4th limb. For whatever reason it was missing it’s front left leg and the owners had come up with a makeshift way to mount this wheel to his shell so the turtle could still move around. He hung out at the event site in Phoenix where we did the 2nd wake lab and it was hilarious because in the dirt everywhere you could se these turtle prints in the sand with the wheel marks following them. I’m pretty sure this was my first instagram so I wanted to come out swinging with the turtle mobile.

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