Last night, at about 12:04 p.m. Gil Mantera's Mother F*#king Party Dream came on stage at the Casbah in Downtown San Diego. They are currently touring with Grand Buffet, another great act. The A.V.E. deptartment are huge fans of The Dream, and seeing them live was a most arounsing. We have used a lot of their stuff in our show "PULL", and it made for some rad sections, which you can check out in The Box Set to release in a few weeks. Party Dream put on a great show last night, I highly reccomend opening your minds and checking out one of their shows. Check out, and watch for them to come into your town…I think SLC is next. P.S. All I had was my camera phone, cause I left my real camera on the counter at home. Sorry for the quality, but somethin is always better than nothin.