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Zach Schneider, Kevin Henshaw and Keith Lidberg head to the The Projects where it all started.

Video by Ioda Media

The Joy Formidable “Austere”


Zach Schneider, Kevin Henshaw and Keith Lidberg head to the The Projects where it all started.
Video by Ioda Media
The Joy Formidable “Austere”

24 Responses to “#Permaction at The Projects”

  1. zeeeech Says:

    wow another video of riders zeaching the same old rails… Terrible.

  2. RonBonJovi Says:

    @zeeeeech- Real original. Why don’t you show us one of your videos?

  3. truth Says:

    Truth Zeech! These videos have been a let down after the first teaser. Do something new guys.

  4. Dan Lay Says:

    Good work boys! This video is sick. I can’t wait to see more. @zeeech and @truth, the wake industry is to small to hate. Keep your piss and moaning on wakeworld. A video like this sure beats no video at all, I know I just got my wake fix for the day.

    Awesome edit Ioda Media!

  5. Ian Morre Says:

    I have watched this video about 100 times and there is not one bit of it that isn’t SIIICK!!! Keep killing it guys. #permacation is the future!

  6. haha Says:

    HaHaHa Dan Lay has a boner for them. The video is aite nothing amazing.

  7. Spencer T Says:

    Who gives a shit if its the same rails? I think all of us here can agree that we love wakeboarding and at the end of the day it doesn’t matter if its the same old same old or something new. Don’t hate on other riders doing their thing

  8. Kokaneinyoface! Says:

    Thats cool that Henshaw is riding for slingshot now…!

  9. James Says:

    Wow…. My penis hurts cause I’ve been masturbating to this edit all day !! #MassiveErrection

  10. kevin henshaw Says:

    i don’t ride for slingshot i still ride for LIQUID FORCE. slingshot paid for zack and jordans flight for a logo in the video thats all. and for you haters you guys can come and ride that same stuff and show us how its done. send me your video on Facebook. can’t wait to see it.

  11. steveP Says:

    nice riding! henny’s nose presses are sooo bad.
    zeeeeech needs to go home. this is not snowboarding we don’t care! watch defy and tell me that d harfs crooked grind on the flat bar at radar is not bad ass! fkn zeeeech.

  12. Hahah Says:

    Hhahahah Henshaw came on here all butt hurt! So who’s idea was #permacation? Zachs or Henshaws?

  13. jamie Says:

    I’m not too into wakeboarding these days but henshaw is one of the riders that makes it look watchable for me. And the guys that are creating the permacation edits are doing a great job. Keep it up guys!

  14. darin shaprio Says:

    Henny is the fucking cats pajamas. And for the record you don’t even know if that was him commenting. I would bet he doesn’t give a fuck what you think. Next time you guys have 5k send it his way so he can build a new rail and please you guys.

  15. John James Says:

    Sick Edit Idoa!

    Positive Vibes = Stronger Wake Industry.

    Simple math for those who strive to continue strapping boards on our feet.

  16. Please Says:


  17. nate Says:

    Henshaw slayed it again.

  18. Dave Says:

    Henshaw killed it! Nice work guys!

  19. Jake Says:

    Haters gon’ hate

  21. Wow Says:

    Those guys killed it! I want to see some of those haters step up to those rails….. not as easy as those guys make it look! Can’t wait for the next edit

  22. j hill Says:

    good video. beginning was kinda gay, but i liked the riding.

    it’s cool guys, i get frustrated too with it too. you try not to zeech on your web video bc you know if you do you’ll get called out. but then you still do a little bit. you think, maybe they won’t call me out because it was still pretty good stuff and i just barely zeeched a few times. but then you get called out. wakeboarding is so hard.

    Darin Shapiro, did you ever give henny $5k?

  23. Justin Harrelson Says:

    A bunch of arm-chair quarterbacks. It is much easier to be critical when you are not face-to-face with any of these riders or any of these rails.

    I am a rider that feels confident that I could manage every one of those rails, but to do it in that fashion-no way. No matter how you slice it, that was killing it.

  24. Short_Shorts Says:

    I got really annoyed when the remote control airplane’s shadow appeared in the shot: STEP IT UP FILMER! And in one scene the rider’s laces were a tad long for my liking. STEP IT UP RIDER!


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