January 29th, 2014 by Alliancewake.com Spencer Norris

People might not think of Phil Soven as a cable rider but Phil shows us he can shred the cable.

9 Responses to “Phil Soven Cable Shred”

  1. Ktipkang Says:


  3. canada boy Says:

    all people can do a front 9 and you win 200 000$ by years !

  4. kyle Says:

    Froggy killin it!!

  5. marc Says:

    all people can be 4x defendingking of Wake canada boy ?

  6. butthole surfer Says:

    wow just jizzed my pants that was the best web video I have ever seen. Nice work, wanna thank the filmed, and the rider. great work

  7. dude Says:

    everyone hates on the nessie feature but Phil made it look really fun to hit. Just have to be creative!

  8. that guy Says:

    Hey Dude, you are right about people hating on the Nessy. And yes people please get creative with your riding. There are a number of regulars at odub that shred Nessy in fun creative ways….Phil just took note of that….but hey he had the nads to put it in his video while everyone else is rushing to demonstrate their tech on the little rooftop

  9. joe biden Says:

    Phil Soven is a huge dick. I don’t know why people would want him to represent their brand.


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