I don’t answer my cell phone most of the time and I figure I’m one of the two kinds of people in the world – ones who don’t and ones who do. In the wakeboarding industry, most times you’ll go to voice mail. But what you have to deal with each time you call someone is the story of a person’s phone personality, and probably a story about them. Here is a cross section of people I know:

Scott Byerly: Rarely answers his cell phone unless he has known you long enough to program your number, and then he almost always does. If he is in town and misses your call he will always call you back promptly.

Josh Letchworth: NEVER answers his cell phone. And then it takes like two days for him to get back to you. It’s okay Letchy, everyone loves you and understands.

Matt Staker: Never answers his celly either, but then he calls you back five seconds after you called him. Either that or he answers and then quickly says, “Let me call you back in five seconds.” And you know what? Five seconds later, he calls you back, every time. It’s really f-ing strange. *Oh, also, he calls me once a month for someone’s phone number that he has known for 10 years.

Shaun Murray: Rarely answers but always has a cute, entertaining voice message so it’s okay. It’s kind of like if you haven’t talked to Murray in a few months you really don’t want him to answer just so that you can hear his message.

Joey Meddock: Refuses to answer his cell phone when he is in his house. But then calls you right back from his landline.

Travis Dopp: Answers about 50% of the time and the other 50% you better be ready for if you go through to his voice mail – because that guy’s messages will blow your eardrums out through your ass.

Danny Hampson: He answers, but his phone is so bad you wish he didn’t. And he’s had the same crappy service for years — it sounds like a tin can and a string.

Anybody who works for a boat company: Everybody in wakeboarding is still waiting for a call back.