July 12th, 2010 by alliancewakeskate

This week it’s a silhouette battle for your voting pleasure. Our defending champ Dustin O’Ferrall readily defeated his last challenger, but will he be able to keep the reign going to take home a pair of shades from O’Neill Eyewear? Not if Tim Sorenson has anything to say about it! He also shot at sunset and while both photos are good, only one can win. As always, you decide.

The Champ: Dustin O’Ferrall

The Challenger: Tim Sorenson

Which photo is better?

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This Alliance Photo Battle is brought to you by O’neill Eyewear. Should the champ win, he’ll take home a pair of shades from O’Neill Eyewear. If not, the challenger will go on to compete against a new challenger next week! Don’t forget to submit your photos for a chance to win!

15 Responses to “Photo Battle: July 12, 2010”

  1. Cody Says:

    tim all day long

  2. Will Start Says:

    hell yea tim, such a sick shot

  3. micah and tj Says:

    Nice shot Tim, you are a baller.

  5. Oliver Says:


  6. JC Says:

    Tim’s shot has much better color and better framing by far.

  7. Jimothey mcrackhead Says:

    Skateboarding on water is Better

  8. Kace Says:

    There’s two different things goin on here. It comes down to the more difficult method of riding. Dustin on the skate takes it. With the board in the air like that, and u know he stuck it, is off the charts. The wKeboard pic is cool however it’s catching great air, which is not easy, but then all u do is stretch out as much as possible which I believe is easier to do. Dustin all day.

  9. beth Says:

    fuck ya dusty

  10. Chris Says:

    skatings better than raleys

  11. Andy Says:

    Mr. O’Ferrall has captured a trick far more difficult. I like the coloring in Tim’s shot but Dustin’s photo has a better angle. Shots from inside the boat are over-rated.

  12. Rosa Says:

    both of you guys suck at taking photo’s i can’t see either of those guys faces……. Kidding but dustin’s is better

  13. Natalie Says:

    i thought the competition was about the photo? not the trick. in which case tim’s photo is a better silhouette with better contrast, better framing, better color, better scenery…much more appealing to look at and more of something i would hang on my wall as opposed to dustin’s. however if we were judging the people doing the tricks the wakeskate one may possibly be more difficult…but we’re not.

  14. Canuck Says:

    Shooting from the towboat is so 1998. It’s also way harder to shoot a kickflip than a raley; it happens so much faster.

  15. Matt Robinson Says:

    Tim… great color, nice framing… love the feel.


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