January 3rd, 2011 by alliance

We’ve got 8 past winners cued up and ready to fight it out for the ultimate photo supremacy. The initial brackets were chosen by the Alliance staff, but from here on out, it’s up to you. A new bracket will begin each Monday until we have one big winner, who will take up a FULL setup from CWB. Battle Nine in the Alliance Photo Battle Tournament of Champions begins now!

Photo #1: Stewart Cox

Photo #2  James Mooney

Which Photographer Deserves To Carry On?

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15 Responses to “Photo Battle Tournament: Stewart vs Mooney”

  1. yessir. Says:

    straps vs no straps

  3. opinion Says:

    too many fruitbooters for the wakeskate pic to win, even tho it is a much better picture.

  4. chode Says:

    ima have to go with benji and stewart

  5. marianna Says:

    mooney’s picture is way better. composition/location/movement.
    y’all need to step aside.

  6. Sandro Says:

    they both suck. worst wakeskate style ever caught in a momentless time. yay.

  7. Nate Says:

    I am sorry I have to go with the 1st one. I’ma classic soul. I do find the second photo more complex but simplicity can be so beautiful. The 1st photo was not that easy to get I am sure. Good luck to both photos!

  8. RTR Says:

    I have to go with the first picture, like one said before me the simplicity is great, and trying to caputre that shot was not easy at all.

  9. hmmm Says:

    you guys just like his butt

  10. Gibby Says:

    The way the water frames the first shot is what makes it better. The framing in the second shot is good but not as good as Stewart Cox’s.

  11. Patrick Wieland Says:

    If anyone is worried im sure CWB can give you a wakeskate instead of a wakeboard if a wakeskater wins.

  12. gibby... Says:

    the butt in the first one makes it better. yeah. for sure

  13. fingerling Says:

    if this is about photographers mooney has got it
    composition, creativity and awesome execution

    the first photo all i see is a butt and some water.

  14. Amanda Hugnkis Says:

    mooneys photo is simply a work of art that requires majestic skill and precision to pull off. the majesty and wonder captured makes me question my belief in the Lord Jesus christ. fun fact: a crying baby was once shown james mooneys photograph and not only did it cease it’s tears, it was then cured of its jaundice and sprouted wings.

  15. AJbiggie Says:

    Mooney fo show. Dude knows how to snap em. Ya heard?


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