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This is the first Photo Battle of the Quarterfinal rounds. Michel Martin’s unique wakeskating photo at a cable park is taking on Jessica Yansucon’s backlit rail slide shot. The winner of this round will move into the Semifinals – one step closer to winning the $400 grand prize gift from Marine Products. Vote now!

Michel Martin - Sawe Oualiti

Photo 1 // Rider: Michel Martin  Photographer: Sawe Oualiti

Barbara Napiontek - Jessica Yansucon

Photo 2 // Rider: Barbara Napiontek  Photographer: Jessica Yansucon

The best photo of Quarterfinal #1 is...?

  • Photo #1: Michel Martin (79%, 180 Votes)
  • Photo #2: Jessica Yansucon (21%, 49 Votes)

Total Voters: 229

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4 Responses to “Photo Battle Round 9 – Martin vs Yansucon”

  1. J Willy Says:

    That is not a back lip…
    It’s a backboard, or more specifically a back noseslide

  2. bro Says:

    @ Jwilly learn to read, “Back LIT” its talking about how the sun is behind the rider.

  3. tits Says:

    @ Jwilly it would actually be a front board if you knew anything, and no it also would not be a back nose slide as he is not locked in. good try tho bud, thanks for coming out.

  4. J willy Says:

    tits, they were talking about the girl not the skater. the skater is in a front board


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