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Alright ladies and germs, the battle you’ve all been waiting for is finally here. This is it, the last round, the vote to determine which photo is the supreme leader of wakeboarding’s digital universe – it’s the Final Round of the Alliance Photo Battle! In one corner we have a classic wakeboarding photo of Nor-Cal rider Joel DeRoche taken by Andy Guillinta. It is up to you, the ever-critical photo critics, to decide which of these two photos is the winner. Which photo takes home the grand prize from Marine Products? Vote now and help a photographer earn a kickass wake shopping spree!

Photo 1: Rider – Quinn Silvernale / Photographer – Jeff Mathis

Quinn Silvernale by Jeff Mathis

Photo 2: Rider – Joel DeRoche / Photographer – Andy Guillinta 

Joel DeRoche by Andy Guillinta

Which photo should win the big cheese?

  • Photo 2 by Andy Guillinta (72%, 525 Votes)
  • Photo 1 by Jeff Mathis (28%, 207 Votes)

Total Voters: 732

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Alliance Photo Battle presented by Marine Products

3 Responses to “Photo Battle – The FINAL”

  1. Rhonda Higgins Says:

    GO ANDY! Your pix shows a sponteneity and an unusual angle! Good luck, big guy!

  2. Weston uptagrafft Says:

    GO JEFF! Your pix shows more sponteneity and an unusual angle! Good luck, because your photo is better. Seriously… There is a lot more going on in Jeff’s photo and not as much empty boring space. I can respect the boat/tube photo, but I prefer Jeff’s.

  3. Bridget Willis Says:

    Yes, there is a lot more going on in Jeff’s photo, that’s what the problem is! I find myself focusing on everything else except for the rider. All the other stuff going on in that photo takes the focus off the rider, the whole point is to get a great picture of the rider, not the other “visual noise” around him. Andy’s pic puts the focus squarely on the rider, where it belongs!


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