Last night was the Orlando premier for Defy, one of the most anticipated wakeboard video’s to date. Danny Harf and Sean Kilgus worked their asses off over the past two years to make this project a success, and finally last night they were able to share their best kept secrets with the industry. Danny landed tons of new tricks for the film most of which were captured with high speed camera’s giving the film an epic vibe. Thanks to the intro sequence we can all finally navigate our way over to the famous Blue Lake and take a shred. There’s also a good bit of history on Danny in the first part of the movie giving us some insight on his evolution from a pre-teen all the way up to his current legendary state. Joined by close friends and top pro riders, Danny pushes the limits throughout the entire movie whether it be extravagant rail set-ups, tow in’s in Australia, or mind boggling double up sessions at Blue Lake.

The movie is shipping on tuesday so head over to to get your copy reserved today. It’s sure to keep your wake woody alive and well through this cold winter.