Friday night, August 18th through Sunday, August 20th unless the pools decide to drain overnight after we fill them.  Bring your friends, your mom, your mom’s girlfriends, cameras, video cameras, Beer/Liquor,  first-aid kits, popcorn,  Ibuprofen, and a ridiculous amount of pens b/c I think we’re gonna need to sign some waivers! Maybe a couple per person… Park wherever you can without causing another 4 car pile-up in our driveway.  Donations of $5 will be greatly appreciated because we gotta fill the pools.  There may be a keg on site, but more than likely BYOB…it’s not invite only, there’s no list, there’s no judging, no cash or prizes, but if you feel like you’ve won whatever it is you thought you were competing in, we can always get drunk and celebrate with you… later

JOA will have Centurion Boats on Display
Cobalt Boats of ATL will have Nautiques
99x or 105.3 radio coverage
Open to any pro/good amateur riders
2552 Kellogg Creek Rd
Acworth, GA 30102
(about 20 min north of ATL)

If you are lacking crash footage for your editing, this might be the place to be…

For More Pics and Info, click link: 75